Happy New Year


Front: Incised, stained black lettering within incised, stained black rectangular border: “HAPPY / NEW YEAR / 1879 [deeply incised fish or key-hole shaped design] / P.A. SWEENEY.
Rear: Blank except for deeply incised hinge line; polished.
Spine: Three raised bands, each comprised of three raised ribs.
Foredge: Coved, polished; Top and bottom edges include a shaped, rounded spine edge to represent where pages are bound to spine.

From a collection assembled thirty years ago by Phyllis Baker, an antiques dealer in Wilmington, Delaware.


  • Date1879
  • MediumMarble, beige, veined, painted
  • Dimensions (inches)5 5/8 x 3 5.8 x 15/16