Clasped Hands


Front: Incised at center: Two clasped hands within a heart. Incised diagonal corner lines.
Back: Incised at center: Upside down horseshoe with a heart at the center. Four-leaf clover within center of heart. Clasped hands connecting bottom edges of horseshoe. Same diagonal corner lines as front.
Spine: Four bands, each composed of two incised lines.

1. Coved fore edge and recessed but flat top and bottom page edges.
2. This book appears to have been made by the same craftsperson as book number 0051.
3. The carving on this book has a folk quality.

  • Dateca. 1900
  • MediumLimestone (or slate), dark grey
  • Dimensions (inches)3 7/8 x 3 x 7/8