Cameo Portrait


Front: Relief carved cameo of a woman in profile carved from white marble and inset at center of black slate book. Perimeter of cameo is painted gold. Incised design above and below the cameo depicts branches bearing various flowers and leaves that extend from a narrow rectangle with Greek key ends. All incised elements are painted gold.
Back: Incised monogram (E? F?) at center of quatrefoil with the date “1890” interspersed throughout the four petals. All incised elements are painted gold.
Spine: 2 bands, one at top and one at bottom, comprised of an incised rectangle decorated with 3 dots and with serrated ends. 2 four-petaled flowers appear centered near each band, each flower is contained within a rough surfaced circular background. All incised and rough surfaced elements are painted gold.
Fore Edge: Slightly coved and painted gold. Surface bears lightly incised striations denoting pages.

Definitely Continental; likely Italian

  • Date1890
  • MediumSlate, black and Marble?, white with paint
  • Dimensions (inches)4 5/8 x 3 1/16 x 13/16