Front: Incised in a semi-crude fashion: “FROM / C T W / TO / J H / TAYLOR / 1931”. Matte, lightly polished surface.
Back: Incised in a semi-crude fashion: “AMARILLO TEXAS”. Deeply incised design of lines (shafts of wheat?) with a common bottom but one shaft curving off to the right and the other curving off to the left; set into a rectangular border. Matte, lightly polished surface.
Spine: Three raised bands; top band incised in a semi-crude fashion: “HOLY” and middle band incised “BIBLE”. Matte, lightly polished surface.

1. Coved front edge, flat top and bottom edges. Not polished; roughly lined to denote pages.
2. Purchase price of $945 included the following three stone books: #SB-95, #SB-96, and #SB-97.

  • Date1931
  • MediumLimestone (?)
  • Dimensions (inches)5 1/8 x 3 1/16 x 1 1/4