Front: Incised across front (top to bottom not side to side): ‘BIBLE” with lightly incised curved decorative line above and straight line below; incised border lines. Polished.
Back: Incised design composed of an unidentifiable eggplant-like shape at center with curving lines above and below. Polished.
Spine: Incised along spine: “HOLY”. Polished.

1. Inset, coved front edge with faint gold paint and scratch lines to designate pages; inset, flat top and bottom edges all with faint gold paint. Surfaces all polished prior to painting.
2. Purchase price of $1400 was for a group of 18 books, 9 of which were kept. These 9 books are: #SB-98 through #SB-106.

  • Dateca. 1900
  • MediumMarble, white
  • Dimensions (inches)1 1/8 x 7/8 x 1/2