Front: Clasped Hands


Front: Beautifully carved centered image with the raised/carved name “CLARA” above a raised/carved depiction of clasped male and female hands; surrounded by leaves; all set against a stippled background.
Rear: Beautifully carved center pattern of a daisy-like flower set within a circle which is itself set within a rectangle; incised leaves at inside corners of rectangle; date “1893” incised below the flower. All set against a stippled background.
Spine: Single center band with raised/carved word “POEMS” set against a stippled background.
Foredge: Recessed flat and polished surface.

Beautifully carved.

  • Date1893
  • MediumMarble, white
  • Dimensions (inches)3 3/8 x 2 15/16 x 3/4

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